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message of theosophy

Oct 22, 1996 05:16 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

        >In one of the early Mahatma Letters, it was mentioned that the
>doctrines/truths have to be presented in a manner suitable to then
>prevailing conditions of the Humanity.
>In view of this, has anyone any thoughts of presenting the Theosophical
>Ideas/doctrines/truths in a better way. Can we be creative?

Good god, Doss, I've been trying to do that, almost as long as I'm a
Theosophist... to present Theosophy in easily understandable terms. I did it
when I was Branch President. When I write, which I do sometimes, I never use
any Sanscrit terms, even though I know a lot of them,... not all. If you
look at 'The Personal Aura" by Dora Kunz, you'll note that there's hardly a
Sanskrit word used in the whole book, and it's not that Dora doesn't know
them, but rather that she translates them into terms everyone can
understand. Her brother, Harry Van Gelder, in his book "Inner Peace through
the Process of Knowing" did the same thing. His book isn't as easy to
understand as Dora's is, but contains no Sanskrit, and again not because he
wasn't familiar with the terms.

When you know what you're talking about, it's very easy to use
understandable, English words, except maybe for a word like Karma, which
doesn't exist in English, but is by now recognized in 1 form or another by
just about everybody.
I mean people know there is such a thing, even though they often don't know
what it means theosophically.

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