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Re: By-Law Revision/Boston Lodge Sale

Dec 12, 1995 01:04 PM
by M K Ramadoss

On Tue, 12 Dec 1995 wrote:

> >MEMO: To Members of the Atlanta Lodge
> >From: Brant Jackson
> >Subject By-Law revisions
> >[Imagine if] The Board of Directors and a majority of the lodge members,
> acting under the influence of several powerful
> >members, vote to sell the real property for the financial benefit of the
> >individual lodge members, i.e., to give each member a pro-rata share of
> >sale proceeds.
> While offensive to us all, many of us would
> >think that the chances of it actually happening would be highly unlikely,
> >if not impossible.  This scenario, however, actually happened recently
> >with the Boston Lodge
> Whooaaa !! Hold your horses here, fella!  I was SECRETARY of the Boston Lodge
> during the fallout of the lawsuit, and I am personal friends with almost all
> of the current board members.  To my knowledge, no individual has received a
> PENNY from the sale of the building, rather a new building was bought in a
> suburb of Boston called Arlington.
> I did NOT support the lawsuit, nor do I support the Alice Bailey studies of
> the current Arlington T.S., but it is grossly unfair, even malicious, to
> insinuate that these Theosophists, however misguided, were actually motivated
> by greed and personal gain.  I can't believe this accusation is being posted
> internationally, and the author of it should certainly recant and apologize
> publicly.
> We may not agree with many of our brother and sister Theosophists, but
> neither can we get away with slander and lies about them.  How unbrotherly !
> Disgusted,
> Rich Taylor

        Glad you posted the message. I do not know how many are aware of
Brant Jackson's unsigned memo was circulated by the National President of
TSA to all the Lodges and Study Centers, with a cover letter in effect
endorsing Brant Jackson's letter.

In the circustances, both the National President and Brant Jackson
need to apologize in public and send copies to everyone to whom the cover
letter and Jackson's letters were sent.

If on the other hand they have facts support that the tax exempt assets
were converted to private benefit, they need to file a complaint with
Internal Revenue Service in public who will take action on the
individuals involved.


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