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An ordered universe?

Sep 30, 1996 03:48 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, "K. Paul Johnson"
<> writes
>Finally, isn't it a paradox that an astrological configuration
>can indicate an period of accident-proneness?  It would seem
>astrology points to an ordered universe; yet it can also
>identify periods when the order in one's personal universe is
>most likely to break down.

No paradox at all.  While astrology may seem to point to an ordered
universe, it actually points to the universe *as it is.*  The ancients,
in their study and development of astrology, have left us with the
legacies which include allowing for disorder, because disorder has been
observed as part of the "system" and its astrological indicators

It seems more likely that the universe is subject to LAWS, but that
these laws may *appear to us* to bring about what *we* call disorder,
but which fits into the general scheme.  I you fall into the right
swamp, you could become an alligator's dinner quite fast.  LAW:
Alligators have to eat.

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