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Re: policial correctness

Oct 20, 1996 12:37 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

liesel f. deutsch wrote:
> Here we go again
> >if someone who claims to be dedicated to the truth
> Whose truth are we talking about?

	It depends; Are you taking the dualistic point of view that reality is
a creation of our own subjectivity, and there is no objective reality?
In that case, "political correctness" DOES have a place; if you believe
hard enough in something, it will be true. Certainly, as Theosophists,
we are allowed to take a pre-rational viewpoint towards reality. It
DOES, however, go against all major theosophical writings, paradoxically
creating a burden of proof on one who does not accept the validity of
objective evidence.

	To accept the concept of truth being solely subjective, one has to
reject Blavatsky, Leadbeater, Judge, Besant, Bailey, Steiner, the
Mahatma Letters, etc. Now, once again, one certainly has the right to
discuss this; from what I have been told, one of the purposes of this
mailing list is for the free discussion of unpopular ideas. The trouble
comes when one expects others to accept it without an argument.

	Bart Lidofsky

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