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Re: we are all equals

Oct 20, 1996 07:27 AM
by John Straughn

liesel f. deutsch writes:
>OK, we are all equals.
>But we're not the same.
>At this stage of our evolution sex does matter. If you think it's not, you
>haven't watched TV lately. We haven't advanced enough to rebecome
> I go along with Ann's idea that it would be nice to have a service once
>with all female generic names. That is because, even though we all know that
>women and men are all equally important, this is not yet being acted out in
>our every day lives. And as of the moment it is very important to women to
>be recognized as being equally as valuable as men. As long as there's
>unwanted pinching in the office, we're not equal.

The pinching doesn't necessarily have to do with the world view of women, but
the view of the pincher.  And it doesn't have to do with gender so much
either.  It has more to do with sexual orientation.  I have read articles
where gay men have piched other men in the office environment.  Gender is
obviously not the case here.

The Triaist

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