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Re: One Thought

Oct 18, 1996 08:07 AM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Fri, 18 Oct 1996, Bart Lidofsky wrote:

> Ann E. Bermingham wrote:
> >
> > ----------
> > > From: Dr. A.M.Bain <>
> > > Not such a final thought, surely, Ann?  It seems to me that while you
> > > are properly addressing the larger issue of which gender language is but
> > > a part, there is much work to do, especially in keeping the issue(s) to
> > > the fore.  The TSA web page (for example) ackowledges little else except
> > > its own activites, and is well covered in $ signs.  All the
> > > contributions that we TI folk make come free, and usually at the
> > > contributors' expense.
> > >
> > > That, I believe, is the future.  We are going to have to work hard for
> > > it though ... yes?
> >
> > I would certainly hope so.  But speaking of the TSA web page, they spent
> > somewhere in the neighborhood of $1500 to have that thing designed and I
> > think they got ripped off.
> 	Can you give me the source of that? There are several people active in
> TSA who are Web professionals, and would have happily done the job for
> free and better. Plus, there is an art staff at TSA. John Algeo
> mentioned to me some of the trouble they had with their symbol.

	Many of us know about it. One wonders why any of these resources
were not tapped.

	It may interest you, if you are not already aware of, there was a
homepage on on TSA which was setup and running within a weeks'
time -- yes *one* weeks' time.

> 	I have recently started adding to the NYTS web page
> ( Comments are welcome, ESPECIALLY pointing out
> what's wrong with it, EXTRA ESPECIALLY pointing out ways to FIX what is
> wrong with it.  I'm going to start putting in some CGI later this fall,
> and some good suggestions will be appreciated.
> 	Bart Lidofsky
	I admire your openness inviting criticism. I am sure you will
receive some valuable comments and it would make your webpage better and
have more hits and Theosophy will be the winner.


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