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Re: One Thought

Oct 18, 1996 08:02 AM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Fri, 18 Oct 1996, Bart Lidofsky wrote:

> m.k. ramadoss wrote:
> >         Alan: You have been very observant. Did you notice that there is
> > no mention of theos-xxxx or alt.theosophy? May be it is because
> > theos-xxxx is not *officially* *approved*? Even the Krishnamurti
> > Foundation in its web page has a linkage to listening-l. I had sent in a
> > write up on theos-xxxx to Quest Magazine published by TSA and I am yet to
> > see it published.
> 	I double checked, and you are in fact right. I am really amiss at
> adding links to the NYTS web page, but when I do next, I will definitely
> put a mention of theos-xxxx in.

	I am very glad to see your response. You should also consider
putting a link to other sources such as TI. From what I have seen, more
links you have, you are better off because you will get more hits. One of
the major problems that anyone who has set up a webpage or homepage, how
do you make users to visit it.

> 	I have been trying to get alt.theosophy, but neither Dorsai Embassy
> (where the NYTS has its account) or Sprynet (where I have my account)
> can give me access. Any suggestions?

	You may have to talk to the key person who is in charge of the
news server. Since there are more than 18,000 news groups, many Internet
Providers are selective in the news groups they carry. Chuck is the
person who is behind setting up the alt.theosophy and send him msg if you
need any further information on the technical side of the newsgroup.

	I believe that you may be able to access all the messages thru
one of the search engines such as altavista or dejanews. This is a round
about way.

	From what I have seen, the propogation of messages is very slow
in newsgroups due to the way they operate. With maillists such as
theos-xxxx it is almost instantaneous.


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