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sexism spells & other stuff

Oct 17, 1996 07:19 AM
by liesel f. deutsch

John Straughn wrote

> But I am not going to waste my time going back and making sure
>that every time I write something, I'm not offending someone who has an
>overactive ego.

Dear John,

I agree with you. If you had to think of offending someone with everything
you say & write, yu'd probably say & write very little. That may be to the
point, you think, for some of us, but it's not the purpose of the internet.

At the risk of putting my foot in it, "White Brotherhood" is offensive, in a
way, to African Americans, aka black people, & etc. They object to it,
because in our way of thinking everything that's white is thought of as
being good &/or beautiful, while everything that's black is thought of as
being evil &/or ugly. That's why a number of years ago young African
Americans bought bumper stickers that said "black is beautiful". At this
same time hair relaxers really came into their own, and African American
women invented all sorts of new hair do's for themselves, while the men
sported the newly invented "naturals". Now go ahead & tell me that you don't
think of "White Brotherhood" as radiating a holy white light.


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