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Re: *Some* of us are all in this together - like it or not

Oct 16, 1996 09:56 PM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Thu, 17 Oct 1996, John Straughn wrote:
> equal.  I wish to be equal with all humanity, but not equally egotistical.

	I like your statement.

	Some time ago I read about an incident in which a world famous
philosopher was having a discussion with a small group of individuals. He
went around each one of them and asked them to tell what they are. One
said he is a teacher, another a doctor, third a lawyer and so on. When
the round was over, the philosopher said that all of them are wrong. He
said each one of them is first and foremost a human being and then only
what they did for a living. I made a great impression on me.

	As a practical matter when someone introduces me identifying me
with my profession, I tend to correct them say that I am that
professional only when I am functioning in that role and at all other
times I am just a human being like everone else. This point of view has
made it easier to communicate with all my fellow human beings. Thought I
should share this with everybody here.


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