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Re: *Some* of us are all in this together - like it or not

Oct 16, 1996 10:09 PM
by John Straughn

>>>I know of one local woman who quite the TS completely *because* she did
>>>not want to be described as one of a "brotherhood" and a large number of
>>>others who would not even look at theosophical literature because of
>>>what they perceive as *sexist* language.
>>And this kind of offense is caused by a revolt of the ego.

>You do not know this woman, and are not qualified to state such a thing.
>I do know her (still) and she was offended all the way through.

Please tell me how this kind of offense is not related purely to distaste
brought solely by the ego.

(*_*=reworded) *If you teach people*
>>that the truth lies in appeasing the ego *in this manner*, you are leading
>>them further and further away from the truth.
I can see how that was misconstrued as an attack on you.  Please accept my

>I teach no such thing.  How dare you say so.

>>  People are becoming more and more offended
>>because in these modern times, it is becoming more and more important to be

>What is wrong with being recognised?  Should I start ignoring you?  I am
>tempted .... :-)

Ignoring me would be your choice.  And I would not argue with you and make a
social issue about your choice.  I do not pursue recognition in these posts,
that is not my goal.

>>>In some places, it could be said, Theosophy sucks.
>>Yes, and these places, I assure you, are not the higher ones.
>Wow, you must be a REALLY high up important man who knows more than the
>rest of us!

No, *chuckle*, I am not important.  But at the same time I am.  In the same
way that you are not important, but equally are.  If you do not think I am
important, then to you I would not be.  And I do not wish to change your mind.
 If someone else were to think I was important, I would attempt to make myself
unimportant through humility, and by showing them how they are in sat my
equal.  I wish to be equal with all humanity, but not equally egotistical.

The Triaist

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