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Re: One Thought

Oct 16, 1996 09:34 PM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Wed, 16 Oct 1996, Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:

> In message <>, "Ann E. Bermingham"
> <> writes
> >As far as I can tell, the real problem is one of bringing the Theosophical
> >Society and its associated groups into the next century, rather than
> >letting it die out.
> Not such a final thought, surely, Ann?  It seems to me that while you
> are properly addressing the larger issue of which gender language is but
> a part, there is much work to do, especially in keeping the issue(s) to
> the fore.  The TSA web page (for example) ackowledges little else except
> its own activites, and is well covered in $ signs.  All the

	Alan: You have been very observant. Did you notice that there is
no mention of theos-xxxx or alt.theosophy? May be it is because
theos-xxxx is not *officially* *approved*? Even the Krishnamurti
Foundation in its web page has a linkage to listening-l. I had sent in a
write up on theos-xxxx to Quest Magazine published by TSA and I am yet to
see it published.

	It seems that everything turns aroud $s.

	MK Ramdoss

> contributions that we TI folk make come free, and usually at the
> contributors' expense.
> That, I believe, is the future.  We are going to have to work hard for
> it though ... yes?
> Alan
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