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Re: One Final Thought

Oct 16, 1996 07:57 PM
by Michelle Donald

> At 03:43 PM 10/16/96 -0400, you wrote:

Hi Doss...

>         You have again highlighted the issue of computers and Theosophy and
> TS. Computers and Internet (especially latter) are the most cost effective
> tools in todays world of communications. The track record of the last couple
> of years is that the administration is either ignorant of computers and
> Internet or have problems reorienting their thinking.

Thousands of organizations world wide DONT have Internet email for
their staff. In fact I think you would find that TSA is well positioned in
this regard compared to the average company.

I have been emailing with Ruben at Olcott for some time. So it does
exist for the computer department - which is the sensible way to
start adding this service within an organization.

Setting up internet access for an internal/private network such as
those already existing in companies/ organizations including TSA is
not an easy task and requires funding. I fear that your conclusions
appear to be coloured by your other dealings with the administration.

> For example theos-xxxx which has been, for the past two years, is available
> for free for anyone on the Internet (even on BBSs which have e-mail access
> to Internet).

Not all BBS's with email access have mailinglist access via the
gateways, so for many this is not an optioon (due to volume

 Thanks to the foresight and enterprise of John E Mead in
> setting them up and keeping them totally unmoderated (mostly he is seen no
> where for months!).

Yes many thanks to John.

> this. Even members of TSA (including myself who is no novice in computers)
> have a great difficulty in finding out about the theos-xxxx. How many times
> have these lists been mentioned in either AT or Quest? May be the

At least 3 times to my knowledge. I have been getting the AT for some
years and that is where I found out about this list. It is a common
complaint that members "have a great difficulty in finding out
about"..... but it is usually a case of them not having read that
particular part of the newsletter. But it is easier to attack the
administration than it is ones own limitations.

Sorry to seem a bit harsh in this message ...doss, but I am getting
tired of the TSA bashing. This is a list to discuss the roots of TSY
not a place to rehash the never ending complaints about TSA.

>         As no one is here privy to what TSA is planning to do with the use
> of Internet to reach the public and spread Theosophy, we can only wait and

Have you asked the computer people - such as Ruben??? Usually the
reason members dont feel they know is those doing the work are so
overworked they dont have enough time to let us know what they are
doing. The conspiracy concept is a glamour/maya so easily applied
when one forgets that "they" are humans like the rest of us.

> >As far as I can tell, the real problem is one of bringing the Theosophical
> >Society and its associated groups into the next century, rather than
> >letting it die out.

Hi Ann and others

I wonder if the problem is that the society needs to go through a
natural cycle of "death" but it is being kept on some form of
"life-support" which is not is keeping with the natural cycle??

I dont necessarily believe this but find that most of us want to keep
things doing "well" or in the best condition with the high number of
members etc, when from the very teaching we study/believe, the
natural process of ups and downs, life and death, good and bad,means
there will be an end to the structure and form created.

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