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Re: One Final Thought

Oct 16, 1996 05:14 PM
by ramadoss

At 03:43 PM 10/16/96 -0400, you wrote:
>It has occurred to me that the vigorous discussion regarding gender-neutral
>language came out of one issue being raised - and that was the
>modernization of the language of the TS objects, as well as other material
>presented to the public.
>Somehow it has been sidetracked to egotism, etc.  I believe that for this
>particular Theosophical group the main issue is modernization, something
>that is very hard to do with the present Theosophical administration.
>The issue of modernization not only applies to language, but has also
>included computerization and the Society's use of computers to reach its
>members and the public.  Another is a lessening of the power being held in
>a central government and more control given over to local groups.
        You have again highlighted the issue of computers and Theosophy and
TS. Computers and Internet (especially latter) are the most cost effective
tools in todays world of communications. The track record of the last couple
of years is that the administration is either ignorant of computers and
Internet or have problems reorienting their thinking.

For example theos-xxxx which has been, for the past two years, is available
for free for anyone on the Internet (even on BBSs which have e-mail access
to Internet). Thanks to the foresight and enterprise of John E Mead in
setting them up and keeping them totally unmoderated (mostly he is seen no
where for months!).

        TSA has not made any use of them. No one has seen any of the elected
officials. Why? Because it is not officially sanctioned/controlled? Not only
this. Even members of TSA (including myself who is no novice in computers)
have a great difficulty in finding out about the theos-xxxx. How many times
have these lists been mentioned in either AT or Quest? May be the
administration is afraid that members may read about things that may not
make them look good.

        As no one is here privy to what TSA is planning to do with the use
of Internet to reach the public and spread Theosophy, we can only wait and
see what future is in store. In the meantime each one of us in our own way
apply Theosophical ideas and philosophy to help our fellow beings.

        I am forwarding this theos-buds as this issue may have to be looked
at by others interested in Theosophy.


>As far as I can tell, the real problem is one of bringing the Theosophical
>Society and its associated groups into the next century, rather than
>letting it die out.
>-Ann E. Bermingham

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