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Re: We are all equals

Oct 16, 1996 06:25 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From: John Straughn <>
> >Just to be the naughty person that I am - why not have she, her, woman
> >women as a generic and all-inclusive term?
> If it had always been generally accepted, I would say, yes, go ahead and
> those terms.  But Ann, don't get me wrong, I know where you are coming
> But the facts are that when those terms were implemented, women WERE NOT
> equals.  They were, but they were not seen as so.  But even so, those
> were used in the past and this is the present.  And here, in the present,
> now accept these terms as generic and all-inclusive in the racial,
> and sexual sense.

"We" do not accept it.

> And if one KNOWS that they are accepted in this manner,
> then why do we have to insist on changing it for ego's sake?  We should
> trying to get away from that, not giving into it.  She has never been
used in
> the past as a generic term, so if it was used that way now, the public
> refer to it as regarding to women specifically.  Because it is not an
> generic term.  I'm only arguing this point because I'm trying to help you
> the best way that I can.  Did you read what I wrote about how much sex
> in the long run anyhow?  It doesn't really.

Yes, but I passed over replying to it.  Perhaps that is one of fundamental
differences in our thinking. I belive it does matter.  Everything you do in
this moment matters because it is the manifestation of the life your soul
wants to live at this particular moment in time.  I don't know how strongly
I can say this.  It all matters, because the lives you have lived and will
live are providing the knowledge and wisdom that you eventually take with
you at the end of your earth path.  And what you take with you onto your
next path - whatever that may be.

BTW, changing everything to the feminine was a joke.

> There are four general theories
> about life after death.  One is that you are chemicals and atoms, and
> when you die, your dead.  That's it.

I don't believe this is a Theosophical approach to the matter, nor mine.

>Does your sex matter then?

As my Akbar Lodge teacher once said, there is sex on every plane of

> Not really,
> but then again nothing really matters with that theory except that you
must do
> everything possible to help humanity and nature for those may be the only

> things that will exist past your death.  The second is that you will be
> reincarnated.  Even then, you may not be the same sex as you were before,
> once again, it doesn't matter.

I believe it does matter.  Being a man helps you to be a better woman and
vice versa.  Going back and forth increases our understanding of both sides
and leads us towards balance.

> Thirdly, you may become an animal, or a plant,
> or even a fruitfly.  I don't think sex will matter much there either.

I doubt that a fruit fly incarnation is in my future, unless the Lords of
Karma are really pissed at me.

> And
> lastly, you may become one with the one.  And as that one, you may be
> in fact, if you believe that your atman exists and is your one mutual
> connection with humanity, then you are me and I am you and there is no
male or
> female to divide us.  In REALITY, we are one.

YES! I just wrote that somewhere in my novel.  It came out the mouth of an
But seriously, what I see as our fundamental difference is that you see the
journey leading up to that glorious reunion as not really counting for
much. "It doesn't matter."  Whereas I do believe it ALL matters.  The
workings of the physical plane and its many soap operas are scratch pads
towards higher consciousness and will be discarded, but in the meantime, we
do our best to get there.

Perhaps it is time to do what many others have done on this list when then
come to an end - agree to disagree.

> Undivided by
> anything.  Undivided by language, sex, religion, race, or culture.  And I
> you, Ann, I really do.

Cool it.  My husband sometimes reads this list. : - )

-Ann E. Bermingham

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