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Re: Just for fun

Oct 14, 1996 05:47 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From: John Straughn <>

> Gotta throw the other sex in ...let's keep the girls happy.  But
> isn't this sexism thing getting a little out of hand?

But isn't that the point?  The "girls" aren't happy.

>Most of the posts I see
> on here are related to discrimination of one thing or another.  The fact
> we are all equals.

I'll applaud that, but there's a whole bunch of people (notice, I did not
say "guys") out there who don't, for different reasons.  No one likes to
feel like a second-class person simply because of their sex, race, color,
religion or you-name-it.

How would you like to be pawed and felt up by your male clergy and
co-workers?  Then be afraid to be say anything about it because your were
only one of the "girls" and lower in rank to the pawee?  I didn't read this
in the newspaper - I've lived it for thirty years.

Some of us "girls" have decided that we don't speak up for ourselves and
consider ourselves equals and demand that attitude of others, then we will
never be treated with respect.  If we sound a little shrill, it's because
we're tired of being some guy's cheap thrill.

-Ann E. Bermingham

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