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Re: Just for fun

Oct 13, 1996 08:31 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, John Straughn
<> writes
>Dr. A.M.Bain writes:
>>A student who studied the Mysteries
>>Had read all the relevant histories.
>>He pored through each page
>>To become a Great Mage.
>>He isn't one yet, but his sister is.
>Gotta throw the other sex in ...let's keep the girls happy.  But seriously,
>isn't this sexism thing getting a little out of hand?

Good grief.  The header says "Just for fun" and the verse was written in
1965.  Watch this space.  "Cousin is" just doesn't rhyme.  Sexism is
certainly getting out of hand when a piece of doggerel is taken as a
political statement!

Alan :-(
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