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Magic (To Keith)

Oct 12, 1996 06:55 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>I have never understood the power of sigils or stylized names or
>talisman type representation to evoke spiritual power throught the
>paricipation techniqe of letters, shapes and forms in themself.  The
>Enochian calls and tablets seem to be an espectially difficult system
>of using images, letters and sounds to evoke hypostasized entities.	Keith, yes, they are difficult.  But the principles on
which they rest are also found in tantra and Tibetan Buddhism
(especially speaking mantras and visualizing mandalas).  Magic
is not for everybody.  It was only after I discovered how and
why it worked, that I started to like it.

>I have always thought that theosophy demands an intuitive yoking with
>the difficult to explore  words  and worlds of say, THE STANZAS OF
>DZYAN.  The words and symbols yoke to  underlying unexpressable ideas,
>feelings and images regarding the universe or whatever..  These symbols
>in turn are interpreted and thrown together (symbolos - to throw with)
>with what is there waiting in the viewer or reader to resonate  within
>the unconscious of each person.  The power to transform and direct,
>rinspire and rorient is too great to waste.	I agree.  As you know, Jung taught that the archetypal self
communicates with the conscious ego through symbols during dreams and
	We have to come to grips with these images in order to progress.
 They are the very language of the spiritual realms.  By re-channeling
the libdio (Jung's psychic energy--but on theos-l I dread to use
the p word) or "cannalizing" as Jung has it, we can redirect this
energy into useful purposes.  This is, in fact, the psychological
explanation for how magic works.  And dreamwork, an important
part of magic, is the business of using our dreams to help us tread
the Path.  Anyone who wakes in the morning and forgets their dreams
is wasting a large part of their life.

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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