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Oct 11, 1996 03:22 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

        >he Masters found it more convenient to use a male body to
accomplish what
>they were to do. In the end male and female bodies are only a passing phase
>of evolution.

Dear Bee,
That sounds to me like more sexism.
Why would male bodies be more convenient? Well, maybe because they didn't
need to deal with menses; but then, how come it says that before the end, we
must experience life in all kinds of bodies?

The SD says that we began as hermaphrodites and will eventually go back to
being hermaphrodites. To me, right now we're 2 sexes, with one lording it
over the other much too often, especially, it seems, in the 3rd world. The
result is more dead, more crippled, or if nothing else more overworked women.


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