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"Christmas Humphries" & Death Sentence

Oct 11, 1996 11:16 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In UK Law today a conviction for murder results in a mandatory "life"
sentence, which is usually about 15 years, (!?).  In Humphries' time the
mandatory sentence was death by hanging - there was no other choice
available to any judge.  Whether the reported instance is true is not
something I can comment on, but if he was in the position of passing
sentence of a some convicted of murder (guilty or not) he would have had
no alternative but to have him hanged.


In message <>, Jerry Hejka-Ekins
<> writes
>Michael wrote:
>>I saw a  BBC-TV program some time ago on court cases in which
>>the judge probably condemned a suspect erroneously to death.
>>Among the judges who probably misjudged a suspect and sent him
>>to the gallows was Christmas Humphries!
>Not likely.  Christmas Humphreys was famous in England for his
>stance against capital punishment.  The late Elsie Benjamine once
>told me that as a Judge, Humphreys was of very high status--
>something comparable to a supreme court justice here.
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