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A Dream Come True is A Work of Art

Oct 10, 1996 02:52 AM
by Keith Price

You know if I had the power to change the world and make it more spiritual, I
would start not with money, but with art.  If I could have a dream come true, I
would meet with the best minds and artists at a Crotona of the mind - the
internet - the connection of the world mind and latent art and commerce, based
on a national defense network rapidly becoming a sesspool of pornography, cheap
commercial gimmicks and international banking and spying.    If  I  could change
it  into a network of spirituality, I would meet with the best minds and artist
in a concept art - the greatest minds met at the ancient Greek Crotona, why
couldn't there be an internet site for the meeting of a global consciousness of
peace, serentity, tolerance and a new world art of beauty, tranquilty and
personal transformation using the cutting edge of technologies.  Maybe someone
is already doing this, but what if there could be a group effort to provide a
new technology - imprinting the images drawn from the higher world of archetypal
forms?  By yoking with the higher consciousnesses of the Muses, Angels, etc, we
could create a yoking of this higher energy among us all.

How would one do this?  I am not sure?  My personal wish list for some
collaborators and contributrors would include:

!.  Jean Houston
2. Raphael
3. Douet or Jafra
4.  Ann Bermingham, Jerry Schueler, Alan Bain (hey, I'm not in this league, but
I like to include my friends
5.  Industrial Light and Magic effects artists
6.  Microsoft  technology

It is only a dream, but even number 4, would be nice.

I went to the Jungian library to look oup Shekinah in one of the reference
works.  I was amazed at the depth of the concept.  I couldn't check it out, as I
don't have a car right now and I couldn't check it out anyway.  There was some
talk of Shekinah returning as the Presence of the Divine in Daily life when the
people are worthy.  At  times in Jewish history the Shekinah left and the art
and culture and politics of that day declined.

The SHekinah is not in one place, but may be in as many as 36 places around the
globe at anyone time.

Keith Price

This is a limited list.  Who would you ask to contribute


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