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A Parallel to Gender Neutral Language

Oct 10, 1996 01:17 AM
by Maurice de Montaine


                      Plural Neutral Language

     An interesting parallel to the gender neutral language thread of
which has been somewhat considered on the Theosophy List is that of
plural neutral language. The misconceptions of humanity coupled to
generalisations often find specific trends being developed in society
which do not really reflect the purity of truth from a much higher
level or viewpoint. Think for a moment on what I said about gender
neutral language in my previous posting, eventhough I mentioned only
a little about it.

     There is another problem, though, besides those misconceptions
and generalisations: how far do we go in the experiment of social
engineering? If we are to structure the world's languages around
gender neutral language, then the next step may well be to adopt a
plural neutral language. With such a language we could not or should
not use any word that even hints at plurality. This would include
words like the following: I, me, my, we, our, they,their, with, etc.
In fact, there is a whole gamut of words and terms pertaining to
plurality. That means we could not ask another where they are going,
what they are doing or what they would like without having to
rephrase it so there is no possibility of including a plurality
referring word or words. Conversely, we could not use any of the
presently accepted words when referring to ourselves under such a

     I can well appreciate the ramifications of a scheme like this on
all fields of human endeavour. Where numerals are normally used, my
friends, there could not be anything other than one. No mathematics,
no science, no arts as distinct types within the general designation,
no different styles of music, etc. Even Theosophy would be affected,
believe it or not, because there could be no Divine Wisdom as
distinct from worldly wisdom and no Seven Principles, etc.
Reincarnation would have to be discarded as it stipulates more than
one embodiment. There couldn't be the other aspects of Cosmic Law:
Law of Polarity, Law of the Triangle, Law of the Sacred Four, Law of
Correspondence, Law of Cause and Effect, etc.

     After that experiment, my brothers and sisters, where do we go
and what else do we delete?

     A system like the above is a total misunderstanding of the Law
of the One and the idea behind unity.

     The Master R. once said:-

          "...mankind do almost mechanically accept the
          fads, styles, and trends fostered upon them by
          those who are able to manipulate the social
          structure of the planetary body to their own


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