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spiritual discrimination

Oct 09, 1996 04:14 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

        >s to Leadbeater, you may wish to know that Master D.K. stated that
>writings by L. (and other theosophical writers, except HPB, Subba Row, a
>few books by A.Besant, a very few books by Mabel Collins, some books by
>Anne Kingsford, plus some other exceptions) are based on his ASTRAL
>visions and therefore are untrustworthy.

Dear Max,

If the Master DK said that about Leadbeater, I think he was full of prunes.
I didn't know CWL, but if that had been the case, he wouldn't have been able
to teach his pupils anything higher than astral vision. He did, and I know
that as a fact. Therefore DK was full of prunes in that regard.

Can we please get over this stupid factionalism?


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