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Oct 08, 1996 08:17 PM
by kymsmith

If one was unfamiliar with Theosophy, the reading of the postings on this
list would suggest that Theosophy is a belief that fosters chavinism and the
belittling of other faiths. Not much different, really, from the very
patriarchial philosophy of Christianity, which according to most who post
here, are in no way tainted.

There is no crime in using gender neutral language; for how are we going to
accept the "humanity" in all of us if we pretend that the female essence of
humanity does not exist.  The terms "man," "brotherhood," and "he" (when
referring to all those on the quest) are used with no analysis of what they
really imply. Just because it is offically sanctioned by society to use
these terms as representatives of all does not make it right.  I would have
beleived those in Theosophy could at least transcend this most basic of
errors; for it insists on critical thinking.

Also, perhaps if one examined Wicca - and not from "newsletters" and hearsay
- one may find them much more than stated on these postings.  I did not find
what I needed in Wicca; however, they were far from the stereotypical terms
used here.  I am suspicious, too, that men, who seem rather disrespectful of
the female element judge Wicca negatively. As Wicca offers respect to women
(valid or invalid), it seems natural that some of the men writing on this
post would find it uncomfortable.

I know this is not the first time this issue has been brought up in
Theosophy.  However, if something is to progress, some must have the courage
to take the first step.  We are more than male and female - we must act and
speak and write accordingly.


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