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Re: Use of <> (fwd)

Oct 09, 1996 01:06 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker

Ramadoss, Nathan, and Ruben:

>Hi, Brother Nathan:
>It appears that the VOS message may have been received by
> from, since the VOS is being
>discussed on it and is subscribed to theos-roots.
>I thought this may aid in locating/identifying how my message reached
> I would be interested in your feedback.
>Peace to all living beings.
>M K Ramadoss

I noticed that a few email messages had the headers a bit mixed up.
Like my posting to theos-l on October 3 says "To: Eldon B. Tucker".
If the theos-l listserv header was temporary off, perhaps there was
 a short time when postings came out addressed as "to: xyz" where
"xyz" was an individual list member, rather than "to: theos-l ..."

This would make, for instance, postings to lists that
(as well as everyone else), to seem to be individually addressed to
the recipients.

-- Eldon

-- Eldon

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