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Re: To Know, to Dare, to Do, and to be Silent

Oct 08, 1996 04:30 PM
by Maxim Osinovsky

Dear Maurice,

Thank you for your apology of Masters.

Although I generally like what he has to say--it helps prevent my brain
from getting rusty and my thinking from becoming too fundamentalist,
Chuck sometimes goes too far.


On Tue, 8 Oct 1996, Maurice de Montaine wrote:

> On  7 Oct 96 at 21:32, wrote:
> > Maurice,
> > How do we know the Masters were telling the truth?
> >
> > Chuck the Heretic
> >
> > Supreme Panarch of the Church of the New Mystery
> > Sky Marshall of the Universe
>      It speaks for itself, Chuck. Besides, my brother, although I
> appreciate good humour I'm really not into this modern proclivity of
> indulging in superficial nonsense. Taking this type of reasoning to
> its logical conclusion we could just as well ask the following
> question: how can we be sure that we are alive or is it just a cruel
> joke? Yet another irrationality which I've heard from philosophy
> students: if God were all-powerful He should be able to create
> something that He couldn't lift.
>      Well, in the final analysis, my friend, both these examples are
> contradictory. Anyway, going round in circles has never appealed to
> me. Blind faith is one thing, Chucky babe, while active and
> intelligent faith born from a real knowledge and understanding is
> quite another.
>      Some of our contemporary approaches rather remind me of the same
> leanings of many in times gone by. In this respect alone, it's really
> nothing new. So, when all is said and done, dear seeker after Truth,
> each one has to work it out for themselves whether the Masters told
> and are telling the truth. Look at both what it is to be a genuine
> Master (in contradistinction to master with a lower case m, as in a
> master of letters or a master of painting) and what is actually being
> presented in the teachings brought forth by them. As far as I'm
> concerned, I know they were and they are telling the truth.
>      A hint shall suffice for the eager and perceptive student to
> realise. Instead of utilising the lower mind to debase the noble and
> true with intentional irrationalities of human leanings, dear
> humanity, learn rather to go up higher and know therefrom a clarity
> of perception unknown to the muddied lens of the carnal mind. Indeed,
> to perceive Truth directly. Fill thy works with the nobility of the
> higher rather than the baseness of human dribble.

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