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AC Defended Again

Oct 05, 1996 09:10 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>     To take the right-hand path leads the traveller to the heights
>of spiritual attainment and life everlasting within the precincts of
>the Great White Brotherhood; however, to sojourn along the left-hand
>path is to take that way which leads to the darkest abyss of the
>Black Brotherhood. etc, ad nauseum

It looks like I need to step in to defend the Beast yet again.
I know that Crowley is often called a Black Magician, and I
am well aware that many theosophists think this way.  But to
judge another person in such a manner is not only wrong, but
foolish.  Everyone, and this includes myself and the writer of
the above lop-sided view of life, has both good and bad in them.
We all tread the White and Black paths together.  To think that
there is a White=Right Road and a Black=Wrong Road is childish
and the kind of dualistic thinking that I find so objectionable
in Chrisitanity.  Right and wrong is never all that clearly
defined, and who are we to say that Crowley, or anyone else
for that matter, was a Black Magician?

>In Theosophy we are taught that there is the
>right-hand path and its opposite the left-hand path.	If this is true, then theosophy is no better
than ay other religion of the owrld, and it is no wonder that
its membership is declining.  I would really like to think that
theosophists, who are supposed to understand duality, would have
grown beyond such childish ideas.

OK, you had your say, and I have had mine.  Most theosophists
agree with you, but I still feel confident that truth (which
includes both good and evil, black as well as white) is on
my side, and that one day as you proceed down your path of
fluffy whiteness, you will notice a black undertone, and
discover that the real path is grey.

Jerry S.
Member, TI
Opposer of Dualism
Opposer of All Those Who Know Good from Evil and In This Manner
Keep Evil Alive in the World

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