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Koot Hoomi

Oct 05, 1996 03:58 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain


This zip file contains all of the text of the privately published
Abraxas reprint of "Koot Hoomi Unveiled" by Arthur Lillie.  I have
placed it in the HISTORY directory from the "Directory of Goodies" link
on my homepage.

This booklet represents a part of the history of the Theosophical
movement as expressed by the Mahatma Letters and HPB's transmission
of them.  First published in 1883, Arthur Lillie's argument is not
sympathetic to the claims of the Mahatma letters or HPB herself.
Unbiased students will readily see why - he had, and still has, a case
to answer.  There is a modern preface by Theosophical and Occult
historian R.A.Gilbert.

I have extracted the data from a DTP file produced using Pressworks 2.0,
a Windows 3.1 program, with the consequence that readers unzipping the
file will have to put together the pieces themselves.

Anyone having Pressworks 2.0 can receive the DTP file by e-mail. It is
about 46K (zipped).

A hard copy of the finished booklet is available to TI members for $5
without the card cover, or $7 with it (postage etc. included).  Others
can obtain it for $10 plus $2 postage & packing.  In either case, e-mail
me for payment method.

THEOSOPHY INTERNATIONAL: Ancient Wisdom for a New Age:, and from homepage above.

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