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Re: ac

Oct 05, 1996 03:12 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, "liesel f.
deutsch" <> writes
>Alan says he's against killing animals, and mentions belonging to 2
>organizations which further this. Then he ends with >Aren't I a goody
>Dear Alan, when the day comes that a man need no longer feel he has to
>belittle himself because he helps protect animals, I think the millennium
>will have arrived.

.. hmmm. I put that in because there are a number of people who do
similar things who clearly think (excuse the pun) they are the cat's
whiskers, and very noble, etc., etc.  So I put myself down a little
partly to remind myself that I am not so holy, and to defend the cause
of animal welfare against those who oppose it by attacking its
supporters - for there is no way they can attack the work they do, nor
the compassion and genuine "brotherly" feeling they have towards the
animals without themselves appearing diminished.

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