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Re: Organizational Evolution

Oct 03, 1996 11:51 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>I don't really know what Olcott set up, but what there is today, at least in
>the United States, is a mockery of democracy. . .

Thanks for your input on this issue.

>"Noetic Science Review" there was even a description of organizations in
>nature where each individual just does its part, and somehow the whole group
>reaches one common goal. The job gets done. The examples were a tree colony
>and I think an ant colony. Hierarchies are male inventions, where people
>have to fight each other to get to the top or perish, instead of
>cooperating, and we'll all get the job done together.

The cooperative group is clearly the "next big thing".  Hierarchies are outdated
remnants of the Piscean Era, a time of duality, where's "who's on top?" was the
number one question of the day.  I am currently involved in a web project in
which many members of an organization are involved.  Everyone is lending a hand
and participating and it is amazing to be a part of something where there is no
egotistical titled chimpanzee screeching to control everything.

-Ann E. Bermingham
(echo) Heap ugh.

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