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Re: AC

Oct 03, 1996 10:33 AM
by liesel f. deutsch

        Dear Doss,

You say

>Let me add one more thing that I personally find offensive. In
>one of his writings he has referred to J Krishnamurti as a Nigger.
>He should know better, Indians are not Niggers. I saw this mentioned in one
>of my wanderings in WWWs some time ago.>

Nigger is a curse word. I don't know of anyone on this green earth who likes
to be cursed at. By now, the word is as offensive to Indians as it is to
African Anemericans, as it is to Caucasians, as it is to whoever else walks
this earth. In outer space they probably haven't heard of it yet, or they'd
find it offensive too.


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