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Sep 30, 1996 03:57 AM
by John Straughn

Triaism was a name I gave to myself for my beliefs before I came across "The
Secret Doctrine" in a bookstore.  HPB's views and theories were so close to
mine that I decided to look further into theosophy.  The more I read, the more
I found that Theosophy was basically my ideas on a much more evolved scale.
Also, the TS had much more time and minds than I had to experiment with their
ideas, which I later found out to be based on the wisdom of the ancients.
There is one thing in which Triaism differs from theosophy.  Or, rather, I
should say, something that I have not been able to relate to theosophy just

That there are three primary differentiations from the ineffable.  "Soular"
matter being the third.

Otherwise, everything else that I have discovered has been "proven" by the
theosophical literature I have had the pleasure of reading.

So, basically, I suppose I am a theosophist.  I only wish there was a way to
join some "theosophic monestary" so that I could devote ALL my time to its

The Triaist

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