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Re: Organizational Evolution

Sep 28, 1996 03:13 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

Dear Doss,

Well now, this is why some od us got together and started Theosophy
International - it meets all the non-hierarchical and non-power-struggle
criteria.  Shame you don't join us - many of the list subscribers
belong, as you know.

Alan :-)

In message <Pine.BSD/>,
"m.k. ramadoss" <> writes
>Recently, the Boston Computer Society, the largest computer user group in
>the US with about 18,000 members shut itself down because it suddenly
>found that members are using the Internet for meeting the needs that the
>Society used to.
>A former board member said that people used to be drawn to the society as
>a place to share ideas, information, and comaraderie. One of the major
>things that fulfilled these is the Internet. The President of
>Philadelphia Association of Computer Users feels that Computer Neophytes
>were drawn to these groups as a way to get information quickly.
>This changing landscape raises a very important question. Can this
>phenomenon not spread to other organizations including Theosophical ones,
>thus eliminating the need for an organization with a formal structure --
>and of course all the political wranglings and intrigues and
>exploitation (in the areas of physical and "spiritual".) I will not be
>surprised if the  Internet Juggernaught spells a deathblow to
>organizations as we know it. As one interested in the rise and fall of
>organizational structures, the whole question is fascinating.
>Just thought I should share the above thoughts.
>MK Ramadoss

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