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Ecce homo, ad nauseum, ad hominem

Sep 28, 1996 10:08 AM
by Keith Price

 <3246B36A.566E@TIW.COM>, Robert Word <> writes
>By allowing an ad hominem argument of this type, we may reason as
>follows.  Aleister Crowley was a man who lived a life which many
>would regard as immoral.  Aleister Crowley graduated from
>Cambridge University.  Therefore, we ought not ourselves to attend
>Cambridge University, nor should we allow our children to do so.

Quite so!

Alan :-)

And Hitler was a vegetarian and so it makes you spiritual, yeah right!  Neitsche
went crazy and that's what thinking will get you.  Christ was crucified and he
ain't come back home yet.   Promises, promises!  Never believe a man who eats
with whores and tax collectors and as far as I can tell was a lover of men
(Platonically like Plato with Dion maybe).

I say it ain't over till the fat lady signs,  the trumpet sounds, the clear
light is seen, the ring  pass-not is grabbed and the last sentient being
achieves Nirvana.  Let he who is without dirty wash walk on water.  I never met
a spiritual man or women  I really  liked until I heard they cut a fart or two.

And despite all the hagiographers and demonizers, I bet HPB was really just as
human as you or I And from what I've heard she had her fun!  I say Ms. HPB you
go on with your bad self wherever you are, girl!

Keith Price

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