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Re:A Messiah

Sep 28, 1996 02:11 AM
by Einar Adalsteinsson & A.S.B.

At 00:31 28.09.1996 -0400, Alan wrote:
>He used to be J.Krishnamurti until the guy said no he wasn't.  A certain
>Bishop Leadbeater and the Head of the Theosophical Society were not
Einar here:

I find the fact, that Krishnamurti renounced his role as the World Teacher,
to be the shurest indication that he might have been just that. There are
few spiritual thinkers that have had more profound influence on the
scientific thinking, and therby on our worldview, in the longer run. And
THAT is a sure trait of a Messiah.
A self-proclaimed Messiah!.... NO, THANK YOU!

And More!
The fact that Leadbeater found "the boy" is to me probably the only
"impeccable proof" of his proclaimed psychic abilities!

>>"There is no wisdom higher then truth." (I love that!)

The original text to the emblem of Theosophical Society I believe is:

"Satya Nasti Paro Dharma" (Sanskrit or Pali?).

My sources tell me that it should have translated as:

"There is no DOCTRINE (Dharma) higher than truth (Satya)"

Some Sankrit Scolar out there?

With LOVE to you all.

Einar from Iceland.
Let's change the world,
by each of us changing ourselves,

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