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Initiation - Something's begun

Sep 26, 1996 08:30 PM
by Keith Price

WOW!  Did you see the lunar eclipse?  In Houston, it was S P E C T A C U  L A R
The moon turned red at the bottom.  It seemed covered in rust, blood or volcanic
dust.  It look like a large breast with the reddish nipple and pink aureole
pointed toward the earth.  The craters looked sometime like a face of a clown,
then a demon, then a jack-o-latern.  Then the face turned into two angel wings
surmounting a headless body.

The astrological indicators showed moon conjunct saturn in aries  opposing the
sun in libra.  The north node was conjunct the sun so it was the tail of the
dragon or Ketu who was eatting the moon.

I felt something was beginning.  The quickening is intensifying.   The moon
never looked so much like a "GLOBE" that was alive, moving, shifting in currents
of color.  Supposedly their are vast movements on the sublunar annd astral plane
during an eclipse.  Vast life waves are being moved off the moon and onto our
globe or are being moved occultly through the hole of Ketu.  New souls incarnate
prenatally during this time.
Lovely luncay!

Did ya see it?

Keith Price

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