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Re: HPB Message

Sep 26, 1996 04:45 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain


You may find that the directions below do not work.  It didn't work on
my test, so I am re-arranging my website. Apologies to anyone who was
inconvenienced - the fault lies with my ISP, as I can ftp in and out,
but not www in and out. Oh no.

Watch this space!


In message <>, "Dr. A.M.Bain"
<> writes
>Dear all,
>I have placed on my homepage the first of five messages from HPB to
>W.Q.Judge first published in India in 1930.  The other four will foloow
>as I get around to them.
>>From my main homepage, click on Theosophical Writings, and make your way
>via the history folder to a new folder (directory) called HPB.  The file
>HPB.txt which you will see en route is by GRS Mead, and is *about* HPB.
>The HPB Folder I am setting aside for her own writings.
>THEOSOPHY INTERNATIONAL: Ancient Wisdom for a New Age
>http://WWW1.Minn.Net/~vlg/TI.html (Figure "one" after WWW)

THEOSOPHY INTERNATIONAL: Ancient Wisdom for a New Age
http://WWW1.Minn.Net/~vlg/TI.html (Figure "one" after WWW)

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