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Re: Hodson & Science

Sep 23, 1996 08:19 AM
by Drpsionic

Take heart.  I find the idea of you agreeing with me as frightening as the
thought of me agreeing with you.
You, of course, have a significant advantage over me in that you actually
knew Hodson, whereas I can only judge the man by his writings.  It may be
that there was a side of him that you did not see, or it may be that the
writings themselves are flawed.  Certainly there is material in my notes that
would give a totally different picture of me than the one people who know me
have, both from the fact that there are things I don't talk about and there
are ideas I play with but don't act on.
The Geoffrey Hodson of the Diaries is a totally different man than the one
you describe and a far less pleasant one.  The one you describe I regret not
having known.  The one in the Diaries I regret never having had the chance to
go after.
Which was the real Hodson?  That may be the key to all this.

Chuck the Heretic

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