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Re: strange things are happening

Sep 19, 1996 04:42 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, "liesel f.
deutsch" <> writes
>I fully agree with Alan's statement as reproduced below. Also, Alan says
>that somthing or someone has pointed him in the direction of where to find a
>certain information he was seeking. That's happened to me too.

Actually, it is Bee's writing, and I am agreeing with it.
>>here is only a personal feeling of 'rightness' that one can go by in these
>>matters and one has to be vigilant all the time about the energy emitted by
>>what is happening. None of us have to believe anything coming from the
>>invisible realms but it is hard to deny that there is no invisible realms
>>even if one cannot prove anything much about them. It probably comes down to
>>one's personal belief system and how flexible it is. Even though I appear to
>>communicate with some sort of intelligence, I am aware that it could turn
>>out to be my higher self or else what it claims to be, as long as the info
>>is useful and makes sense then I will continue to accept the possibility. If
>>it all gets silly then it is time to review if it is me or whether I have
>>been duped. Either could be a possibility at some time but I take it as it
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