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Unveilde Isis (Peter)

Sep 18, 1996 02:11 PM

BOOK III chapter III (116-145) page 120 HPB write that "church would make a
good work if add a new chapter to gospel of Matthew, Mark and John, telling
about the history of negation of Christ by Peter".

I don't understand. The church NEVER conceals that Peter negated Jesus
for three times Matthew26:69, Mark 14:63; Luke 22:57 and John 18:17.

Enc. Britannica Vol9, p331 writes: <the fact of Peter`s denial
did not destroy the love and the trust that Jesus felt for him. It was to
Peter-who had confessed the sonship of Jesus (Mt16:16), who had been
commissioned earlier to <lend strenght> to his brothers (Lk22:32), who
had hesitated in his resolution at one crucial point (Mk14:66-72), and whom
on the morning of the ressurrection <ran to the tomb> (Lk24:12) that the
ressurrected Christ first appeared. The earliest report of Peter`s priority
as a witness to the ressurrection is found in the letters of paul (1Cor15:5)
and this most probbably is the intent of Luke (24:34). The initial
appearance to Peter in Galilee may have been included in the original ending
of Mark. Given the information supplied by the gospels, it is not unexpected that
Peter should emerge immediately after Jesus` death as the leader of the
earliest church>


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