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Re: NOT a lack of understanding

Sep 18, 1996 02:04 PM
by Murray Stentiford


>If theosophists don't understand "clairvoyants" then who does?

First, I'm glad you put quotes around "clairvoyant". I use the word because
it has become associated with Hodson's and others' work, but it has its own
load of baggage and limitations and I'm not particularly comfortable using
it. Certainly, Hodson's observation techniques went well beyond the visual,
or seeing things "out there", but he, too, was stuck with the word.

I've met people outside the TS who have a better understanding of
clairvoyance or superphysical perception than many within it and have seen a
few superb books on it by people outside the TS, eg by Barbara Brennan.

>There is no "misunderstanding."

Well, I have seen plenty of misunderstanding within myself and others, over
the years.

I agree that there's considerable knowledge of these subjects in the TS, but
with many people, it's centered mostly at conceptual and intellectual levels
simply because they haven't had much in the way of comparable experience
themselves. There's also a simple quantitative lack of knowledge in many,
compared with a person who is active in the field or is associated with
those who are.

The misunderstanding I have in mind is partly conceptual and partly a deeper
thing to do with having "been there" in consciousness. I just have to look
at myself to realize what I've learnt from my contacts with several very
able seers/sensitives, and realize that what I knew before all that was
pretty much what many members of the TS know. I have been fortunate in this
way, one might say.

>Its mistrust based on
>an all-too-insightful understanding, not a lack of understanding.

I agree it's wise to tread carefully in view of the charades that have occurred.

Member TI and the TS in NZ

[A fuller quote follows]

>>I believe that clairvoyants and other sensitives are not well
>>understood on the whole within the TS. Sure, they're better understood
>>than in general society, but the roles are reversing in some quarters,
>>now. This misunderstanding is an inevitable result of having faculties
>>or experiences that the majority don't have.

>	I have to disagree here.  If theosophists don't understand
>"clairvoyants" then who does?  There is no "misunderstanding."  TSs
>fear and mistrust clairvoyants owing to CWL's over-use of psychism,
>and also to HPB's and Judge's constant warnings against its practice,
>but I think they understand it all too well.  Its mistrust based on
>an all-too-insightful understanding, not a lack of understanding.

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