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NOT a lack of understanding

Sep 17, 1996 11:24 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>I believe that clairvoyants and other sensitives are not well
>understood on the whole within the TS. Sure, they're better understood
>than in general society, but the roles are reversing in some quarters,
>now. This misunderstanding is an inevitable result of having faculties
>or experiences that the majority don't have.
	I have to disagree here.  If theosophists don't understand
"clairvoyants" then who does?  There is no "misunderstanding."  TSs
fear and mistrust clairvoyants owing to CWL's over-use of psychism,
and also to HPB's and Judge's constant warnings against its practice,
but I think they understand it all too well.  Its mistrust based on
an all-too-insightful understanding, not a lack of understanding.

Jerry S.

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