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Re: devas , Hodson

Sep 17, 1996 07:35 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, "liesel f.
deutsch" <> writes
>        Alan writes
>>here were a lot of them at Lockerbie, like high up in the sky where the
>>"dead" were.  Many of them were former humans like ourselves, but
>>discarnate.  Doing the Bhodisattva bit, maybe.
>That agrees exactly with what I've been told happens, even though no one
>mentioned Lockerbee to me; we talked just generally. It seems also that one
>of the activites of a shaman is to help the newly dead reach "the other
>shore". (S)he helps from this side, and the disembodied humans & angels help
>from the other side... That's what I've been told. From reading Leadbeater
>.. an accident victim or a suicide needs help especially, because the
>unexpected speed with which they've gone from life to death leaves them
>confused as to what's happening to them.

Which is EXACTLY how I "saw" it all.  I asked one helper why he was just
sort of "standing around" and was informed that they had to kind of
"corral" a great many confused souls, and then wait for individuals to
"wake up" enough to try and ask what was happening to them before any
help could even be offered.  Some of the helpers seem to have been "she"
but they were all very busy on some activity I could not discern.  It
seems as though it was as stressful for the helpers as it would be for
their earthly counterparts.  Not a "Love and Peace" mission at all!

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