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devas , Hodson

Sep 17, 1996 05:13 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

        Alan writes
>here were a lot of them at Lockerbie, like high up in the sky where the
>"dead" were.  Many of them were former humans like ourselves, but
>discarnate.  Doing the Bhodisattva bit, maybe.


That agrees exactly with what I've been told happens, even though no one
mentioned Lockerbee to me; we talked just generally. It seems also that one
of the activites of a shaman is to help the newly dead reach "the other
shore". (S)he helps from this side, and the disembodied humans & angels help
from the other side... That's what I've been told. From reading Leadbeater
.. an accident victim or a suicide needs help especially, because the
unexpected speed with which they've gone from life to death leaves them
confused as to what's happening to them.


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