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Re: Hodson (Ex:Angels & . . . )

Sep 17, 1996 06:11 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

Chuck the Heretic:
>I'm sure that Murray's observations will be interesting and I'll probably
>enjoy reading them myself.  But Hodson is an embarrassment to the TS.  There
>is nothing scientific about unverifiable visions and to claim that there is
>makes us look pretty silly.

Who's "us"?

If you think Hodson is hooey, then how do you feel about HPB and her tea cups?
The existence of the Masters?  CWL?  Findhorn?

For that matter, do you think I'm off my rocker for being associated with the
LCC?  I distinctly remember that when you found out I was part of that group,
you made some kind of anti-Satan gesture with your fingers and skated backward
across the 3rd floor auditorium of Olcott.  If I'd only had a video camera . . .

- Ann E. Bermingham

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