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Re: Hodson (Ex: Angels & Communications)

Sep 16, 1996 02:10 PM
by Murray Stentiford

Chuck wrote

>there is a type of divine madness that brings breakthroughs.  Then there
>is the type that creates an overweening spiritual pride that makes the
>sufferer think that the guardian angel of a continent would be happy that
>the person deigned to notice him.  That was the type of looniness that
>Hodson had.

A couple of assumptions, here, it seems.

One of Hodson's observations was that most of the deva kingdom were too
wide-ranging in their consciousness and remote from ordinary concerns, or
just too busy, to care what people thought of them. That didn't stop him
from trying to observe them, though.

Another was that there are some members or groups whose work does bring them
into contact with humanity, and that some of these are willing, even keen,
to find human co-workers in fields like healing, music, ritual, childbirth,
agriculture, and just plain ol' life in the home. He's not the only observer
to report this.

Whenever Hodson said he was aware of the presence or attention of an angelic
being, during the clairvoyant research I was present at, and it happened a
good number of times, what I saw in him were various mixtures of awe,
respect, reverence, intense interest, and a total lack of anything you could
remotely call pride. It was, in a way, a humbling experience for me just to
see this.

Hope this helps round out the picture.


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