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Re: Hodson (Ex: Angels & Communication)

Sep 15, 1996 08:17 PM
by JRC

On Sat, 14 Sep 1996 wrote:
> The Sages know nothing about the scientific method then.  Experiments have to
> be repeatable, not the subjective ravings of lunatics like Hodson.  It is his
> sort of nonsense that keeps us from making serious headway in getting funding
> for real research into this stuff.
> Chuck the Heretic
Real research is being done. Just not reported in a world where its still
usually called "subjective ravings". The study of angels is quite like the
study of wildlife biology. for several hundred years "science" studied
animals only in the controlled conditions of zoos - because without those
conditions the "repeatability" of science wasn't possible. Only problem
was, as people started discovering (e.g., Dian Fossey & etc.) that one
could actually go into the worlds of the animals in their natural
habitats, that a great deal of the "truths" learned about animals by
studying them under controlled conditions in zoos turned out to be
absolute bunk, and only appeared in the species as an effect of being
caged and studied with the "scientific method". Neither animals or angels
fit very conveniently into the scientific paradigm. And never will. They
will not change. Science someday might.

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