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understanding krishnamurti (fwd)

Sep 15, 1996 03:03 PM
by m.k. ramadoss

Here is something that might interest some in theos-l.

    M K Ramadoss

> Date: Sun, 15 Sep 1996 12:09:33 -0700
> From: Veselin Terzic <>
> Subject: understanding krishnamurti

Krishnamurti is quite easy to understand.  Thought is quite mechanical.
For example, when your brain "excites" a pattern of neurons (from the
senses), then another part of the brain will take this pattern of
neurons and from a sound-base directory will store it.  To retrieve this
pattern of neurons or a memory of this, is from sounds, or words.  It is
this process of sounds that we call words.  Thought is only words plus
words plus words continually.  To the brain it does not matter if the
person is speaking outside the body (to someone) or to the person
him/herself (ie to oneself).  Words are dead to each other.  Just like a
typewriter typing down words.  Each typewritten word is dead to the
other and is in the past. Words in the brains are the same, except that
by sound the pattern of nuerons or memory of the patterms are retrieved.

The main part is "insight" which is not from words or the process of
labelling the pattern of neurons with sounds (words).  Where does
insight come from?  It does not come from thought.  But insight seems to
be outside the nrmal time frame of words.  That is "insight" knows what
is best for you, where as words are activated from your desires/greed.
That is what words you use (thinking) depends on your deisres.  Using
words has become a "pleasure"  Emotions are only the physical reactions
to the words that have been activated.  The physical reeactions are:
increase heart beat, stimulating and pleasurable body excitements, and
so forth.

The ego is all words.  All"thinking" is only words. That's all/

But, when a word is selected from all the other words, it is the correct
choice.  How does the brain which is mechancial select a word?  By

Insight is an extreme energy.  There is no connection between words to
insight.  Insight uses the words, as your fingers would use the keys on
the typewriter.  I hope this is clear.

Insight is what Krishanmurti is talking about.  If one lives a life of
insight, one's life is charmed and is total in happiness.

What makes you think or say certain words?  Before the word is formed,
your energy is dictating the words.  If you're unhappy, upset, the words
selected will relflect this unhappy, upset condition.  And this
unhappyness continues.

Insight "observes" this unhappy energy.  But, people, only concentrate
on the words selected.  One can use words and words, for indefinitely
and nothing will ever happen.  One says, "I intellectually understand"
which is just using words and words and words.  Words are dead,
meaningless, just the type written words on the page.

But, insight, is a live energy which "observes" the energy that selects
the words that are used.  Religion, politics, etc. focuses only on the
words selected and not on the "energy" that actually picks the words
that will be used.

Insight can not be raised by words (thought).  All scientific
"discoveries" came from insight not from the manipulation of words.
Thinking is only the manipulation of words; whereas, insight, is an
active energy behind the words.  Desires/ego is all from words and the
selection of words.  In effect, desires with its physical responses of
increase heart beat, sweating, eyes more alert, etc. is words.

I could go on, but I'm not sure if I'm not just rambling on.

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