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Re: Fellow Lanoo

Sep 13, 1996 09:32 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Barbara <> wrote:

Glad to see your post. You have asked a number of questions and it is
going to take quite some time to respond to all of them.

As a faster way to get the response, I am posting it to a mail list
called theos-l. You can subscribe to it (which is free and
unmoderated) by sending a e-mail message to with jus
the following in the body of the message:

	subscribe theos-l Barbara

You need not put anything in the subject.

If you have any difficulty just send a message to
with HELP in the body and nothing in the subject.

If you still have difficulty, send me a message to

In friendship

MK Ramadoss


>On Fri, 6 Sep 1996, Tyrone Simmons wrote:

>> I to am a member in good standing of this groug, this thought, this
>> recognition and understanding of our Being. I will be glad to discuss
>> any and all endevours that have worked on behalf of the advancement of
>> humanity towards reclaiming It's recognition of It's Divine and splendid
>> nature.
>> Tyrone

>Great!  I just found this newsgroup...

>I have some questions.

>Oh, first introductions, I am a student of
>religions and a mystic by nature.  Currently I have been involved in
>magickal practise and witcraft with others, as well as numerous other
>personal studies.  I started in the Catholic church and I like yoga, for
>health and for the purposes of uniting with God (in what ever form we can
>know diety).  And I am scientifically educated.

>What I would like to know is what distiguishes a theosophist from any
>other type of mystic or occultist?  Webster says theosophy is the teaching
>about both God and the world based on mystical insight and following
>mainly Buddhist and Brahmanic theories esp. pantheistic evolution and

>Are theosophists generally pantheistic, and if so are there certain
>god/ddesses they hold most high?  Is there a general way theosophists tend
>to view God?

>Do theosophists lean towards or condone white magick - the practise of
>magick performed for the purposes of uniting with God, or do theosophists
>consider a magickal practise useful or worthy at all?

>In what ways is the theosophist philosophy different than Buddhist

>From the post above I get the idea that a theosophist's mission statement
>is to work towards the advancement of humanity.  Are there other
>fundamental theosophical tenets beyond this one that are Buddhist or
>mystical in nature?

>How does a theosophist regard science?

>Just call me curious!


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