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Re: Angels & Communication

Sep 11, 1996 03:47 AM
by Murray Stentiford

I can see a whole bundle of potential lines of discussion radiating out from
JRC's piece, but will just pick out a couple:

>.. let me say a short little bit
>about the "diagnosticians" I mentioned. They are relatively small
>angelic currents that appear to be somewhat new and experimental
>branches of a much larger current .....  In fact,
>I once saw them re-joining the larger current after they did a
>piece of work for me, and I believe they were "reporting their
>results" ... which in angelic terms means merging the awareness
>they had gathered with that of the larger current.

In thinking about the idea of devas of nature, I have sometimes wondered
what is supposed to happen to them if, for instance, a valley were
indundated with water due to the construction of a major dam. (BTW, I
consider the words "deva" and "angel" to have similar underlying meanings
despite the obvious cultural differences of origin.)

The picture portrayed by JRC would suggest that rather than be faced with
extinction or at least a withdrawal to "higher" planes, the devas related to
the valley could in fact merge back into some wider, parent stream of

>When I'm ready to do the processing, one of two things can be done
>with this bundle: It can either be processed through the interfaces
>that turn inner awareness into conscious level pictures (very
>much like remembering a person from my past), or I can enter the
>bundle with my point of identification ..... and,
>(hope this makes sense) sort of look out at the world *through* the
>energy-system of the person/system
>that was observed. The first delivers an awareness similar to
>what results from a visit to the person and several
>conversations. The second delivers an awareness similar to having
>actually incarnated, for a fraction of a moment, *within* the
>person's energy-system.

It would be extremely interesting to have more information like this on the
processes going on during clairvoyance etc. In helping Geoffrey Hodson with
some of his investigations into atoms, music and devas, it was clear that
there was a major condensation of the "primary" information to just get it
into his brain, then another transformation and limitation to get it into words.

It is one of my ardent hopes that there will arise a small but growing
number of people who have what it takes to train for this kind of work, and
carry science to new and unimagined heights. There are a few already. Who is

>(and the Point of
>Identification is something that will take an entire essay ... as
>it's control and use is one of the cores of day to day work in
>the inner worlds)

Richard, are you listening? Doesn't this have a whole lot to do with
psychogenesis and temporary ego formations? And (Keith) the VOS, re killing
out desire?

Member TI and the TS in NZ

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