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Re: Lives of Alcyone

Sep 10, 1996 08:55 PM
by Bee Brown

At 01:58 AM 10/09/96 -0400, you wrote:
>I came across the two volume LIVES of ALCYONE.  I don't think it will be
>reissued any time soon.  It gives detailed accounts of how a cast of characters
>with star names meet again and again, life after life.  The major players are
>AB, CWL and Krishnimurti nee Alcyone.    I must admit I am more open to this
>sort of thing than I once was.     It looks like really great historial
>in a kind of Barbara Cartland way with a little curry sauce poured on an main
>course of spiritual evolution of a Master..
>Keith Price
I thought it was kinda interesting when I read it a while ago. Then recently
I read a bit from Ernest Wood who was CWL's secretary at the time these were
written and as I recall it, he got sort of disillusioned with it all as he
witnessed CWL amending his story to fit in new people who had come into his
circle of friends. I think Ernest also decided to put it in the fictional area.

Bee Brown
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